Five Furlong Foundation is an international network that embodies a strong commitment to university education, vocational and lifelong training. Students over 140 nationalities will be connected to talent and knowledge through open, flexible and useful modes on every level in different subjects and methods.

Five Furlong Foundation is the holding company of brand “Indian Institute of Logistics” (IIL). Our governance philosophy is to ensure fair, transparent, accountable and ethical management in order to protect the interests of all stakeholders.

As a responsible citizen, Five Furlong Foundation follows the laws of the land in letter and spirit. Our code of conduct provides an ethical road map and guidelines for our employees. It encapsulates our values of integrity, responsibility, commitment and excellence. It lays down the principles of:

• Highest moral and ethical standards

• Highest standards of corporate governance

• Respect for human rights and dignity

• Professionalism, honesty and integrity

in all interactions with employees, communities, environment, stakeholders and government regulators.

To enhance the competitiveness of the Indian Logistics Industry and all the key sectors of the economy, which impacts India's growth through integrated initiatives in Shipping and Logistics domain area.

To meet the latent need of the industry for specialized services in Logistics and Shipping, ranging from education to research and to consultancy, information services, etc.

  • To be an effective source of skilled Logistics human resources for the world.
  • To serve the business community at large.
  • Training students into Logistics Professionals in Shipping and Logistics area, conduct educational programs.
  • Increasing awareness, understanding and facilitate adoption of Logistics and Shipping Transport, Best Practices and Technologies across the Indian Industry.
  • Catalyzing excellence in Logistics and Shipping Transport, through its range of Services, and Develop the Logistics industry in India.