14-Sep-2019Management Seminar 2019ChennaiClick here
23-Jul-2019Class Commencement B.Sc (IT & Logistics) - 2019-2022ChennaiClick here
16-Aug-2018Industrial visit for BBA(L&S), 16, B.Sc(IT&L) 16, Prof.Dip (L&S) 18ChennaiClick here
14-Aug-2018Industrial visit for MBA (L&S), PGP(L&S) - 2018 BatchChennaiClick here
09-Aug-2018Class Commencement of Global MBA(L&SC),MBA (L&S),PGP (L&S) & PD(L&S) - August BatchChennaiClick here
04-Aug-2018Student Referral Program 2018ChennaiClick here
31-Jul-2018Industrial Visit to ICD Concor - MBA & PGP 2018 CHN BatchChennaiClick here
25-Jul-2018Industrial Visit to Egmore Museum – Global MBA 2018 BatchChennaiClick here
24-Jul-2018Industrial Visit to Sattva CFS - MBA / PGP 2018 BatchChennaiClick here
24-Jul-2018Class Commencement for B.Sc (IT&L) - Academic Year 2018ChennaiClick here
17-Jul-2018Class Commencement for B.Com (L&S) - Academic Year 2018ChennaiClick here
30-Jun-2018Campus Recruitment DriveChennaiClick here
02-Feb-2018Offer Letter Issuance for International Internship StudentsChennaiClick here
30-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to Ashok Leyland, Ennore - BBA 15-18 CHN BatchChennaiClick here
29-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to KSIE - CICFS - MBA,PGP,PD Aug 2017 COK BatchKochiClick here
24-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to All Cargo CFS - MBA,PGP,PD Aug 2017 CHN BatchChennaiClick here
20-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to Anna-Kitex Group - MBA/PGP &PD AUG COK Batch.KochiClick here
17-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to All Cargo CFS - BBA 2015-2018 CHN BatchChennaiClick here
17-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to Chennai port - BBA & B.Sc 2016 CHN BatchChennaiClick here
15-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to DB Schenker in India - MBA & PD 2017 Chennai BatchChennaiClick here
14-Nov-2017Industrial Visit - Aavin, Chennai BBA, B.Sc 2016 BatchChennaiClick here
14-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to DB Schenker in India - MBA & PGP 2017 ChennaiChennaiClick here
13-Nov-2017Industrial Visit - Aavin, Chennai BBA, B.Sc, B.Com 2017 BatchChennaiClick here
10-Nov-2017Industrial Visit - ICD , Bangalore MBA, PGP & PD- 2017 AUG BatchChennaiClick here
08-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to All Cargo CFS - MBA & PD July 2017 CHN BatchChennaiClick here
07-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to CWC Warehouse - MBA & PGP July 2017 CHN BatchChennaiClick here
02-Nov-2017Industrial Visit to DHL Warehouse -BBA Final Year BatchChennaiClick here
30-Oct-2017Industrial Visit to Chennai Port - BBA/B.Sc/B.Com 2017 BatchChennaiClick here
27-Oct-2017Management Seminar for UG Students - ChennaiChennaiClick here
27-Oct-2017Industrial Visit to ICF Factory - MBA 16-18 BatchChennaiClick here
27-Oct-2017Management Seminar 2017 For UG Students , IIL Chennai CampusChennaiClick here
25-Oct-2017Industrial Visit to ACME Warehouse - MBA & PD JUL-17 BatchChennaiClick here
24-Oct-2017Industrial Visit to DHL Warehouse -MBA & PGP July 2017 BatchChennaiClick here
13-Oct-2017Industrial Visit to DHL Warehouse -MBA, PGP, PD-August batch 2017ChennaiClick here
06-Oct-2017ICS Seminar on World of Shipping & LogisticsChennaiClick here
06-Oct-2017Port VisitChennaiClick here
28-Sep-2017LKP Visit to MBA & PD BatchChennaiClick here
28-Sep-2017Indian Institute Of Logistics (Kochi) - Management SeminarKochiClick here
23-Sep-2017Industrial Visit - ICD Concor, Bangalore-MBA (16-18 ) BatchBangaloreClick here
22-Sep-2017Industrial Visit to Kailash CFS - MBA,PGP,PD August 2017 BatchChennaiClick here
21-Sep-2017Industrial Visit - ICD Concor, Bangalore BBA ( 15-18 ) BatchBangaloreClick here
20-Sep-2017Industrial Visit to CWC (NS) Ltd - for MBA & PD - 2017 BatchChennaiClick here
18-Sep-2017Industrial Visit to Sattva CFS - BBA (16-19 ) BatchChennaiClick here
13-Sep-2017Industrial Visit - ICD Concor, Bangalore - MBA BatchBangaloreClick here
09-Sep-2017Management Seminar for IIL Kochi StudentsKochiClick here
31-Aug-2017LKP Visit to BBA (2015 - 18) BatchChennaiClick here
10-Aug-2017Industrial Visit - Chennai PortChennaiClick here
10-Aug-2017Student Referral Program (SRP) - Album2ChennaiClick here
09-Aug-2017Industrial Visit - ICD Concor in ChennaiChennaiClick here
08-Aug-2017The Class Commencement for MBA, PGP And PD - August BatchChennaiClick here
25-Jul-2017Class Commencement - B.Sc (IT & Logistics) / IT (2017 - 2020) BatchChennaiClick here
25-Jul-2017IIL Sports ActivitiesChennaiClick here
18-Jul-2017Class Commencement - B.Com (Logistics & Shipping) / General (2017 - 2020) BatchChennaiClick here
11-Jul-2017Class Commencement - MBA (Logistics & Shipping) (2017 - 2019) - July BatchChennaiClick here
11-Jul-2017Class Commencement - PGP (Logistics & Shipping) / SCM - 2017 July BatchChennaiClick here
11-Jul-2017Class Commencement - BBA (Logistics & Shipping) / General (2017 - 2020) BatchChennaiClick here
10-Jul-2017Sports Activity for BBA(L&S) & (IT & L) 2016-2019ChennaiClick here
04-Jul-2017Class Commencement - Prof. Diploma (Logistics & Shipping) / SCM - 2017 July BatchChennaiClick here
04-Jul-2017Class Commencement - Prof. Diploma (Logistics & Shipping) 2017 BatchKochiClick here
23-Jun-2017CII South India Port Conclave 2017ChennaiClick here
17-Jun-2017Career Development Programme with our AlumnusChennaiClick here
10-Jun-2017Pre - Industrial Visit for UG StudentsChennaiClick here
08-Jun-2017Pre Industrial Visit for MBA(L&S) & PGP (L&S) Registered StudentChennaiClick here
07-Jun-2017Interview for MBA / BBA StudentsChennaiClick here
07-Jun-2017Placements - BBA (Logistics & Shipping) - 2014-2017ChennaiClick here
16-May-2017Pre - Industrial Visit for BBA(L&S), B.Com(L&S), B.Sc(IT &L), Prof. Diploma studentsChennai PortClick here
11-May-2017Pre - Industrial Visit for MBA & PGP (2017-18) studentsChennai PortClick here
22-Apr-2017Career Talk by Mr. Aswin AchuChennaiClick here
12-Dec-2015Management Seminar 2015 ChennaiClick here